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Hi, Thanks for visiting my site! Big massive news today, not only is my website finally up and running (I have the technological aptitude of a goldfish wearing mittens) but my first book has just been published!

The folks at Novelicious Books have been hard at work editing and doing all that cool stuff that people who actually understand grammar and marketing do! A Cinderella Christmas is now available through Amazon. I'll keep you posted on here if anything else exciting happens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Ok, so it's a book not a missile, but you get the point. Not quite there yet but it won't be long now. Not that I'm wishing my life away. I did enough of that in my twenties and I'd like my old thighs back please, thank you very much. Anyhoo, I digress somewhat. As I type this it's 14th of November. 5 days to go. 5 DAYS!!! The publishers can't change their minds with only five days left surely? *Gulps* Is breakfast too early for brandy? Don't answer that.

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